Bonfigliol’s 300M planetary gearbox range sets industry-leading torque benchmarks

Bonfigliol’s 300M planetary gearbox range sets industry-leading torque benchmarks

Bonfiglioli is introducing to Australasia its new 300M range of planetary gearboxes, which achieve greater torque without increasing the size of the gearbox, to produce greater performance, efficiency, and cost saving for many industries such as bulk materials handling, mining process equipment, food and beverage, materials handling, water treatment and waste handling.

The 300M series has eight new sizes from 310M to 318M, all of which have a significant improvement in torque over their preceding models and set new industry benchmarks for torque ratings at one million cycles.

Depending on the size, torque has been improved by up to 45%.Bonfiglioli PIC 2

One of the innovative improvements in the series is the addition of a new bearing design. The 300M series uses a customised roller design with an inner race on the pin and an outer race on the planet gear. This creates a bigger roller diameter, with a higher load capacity and greater torque.

“The new 300M series has been engineered to the highest standards of quality. The gearboxes are built for reliability, durability and improved performance,” says Mr Malcolm Lewis, Managing Director, Bonfiglioli Australia and New Zealand.

“A significant advantage of the higher torque capacities is that a smaller size gearbox can do the same task that a larger one would have had to do previously. This can mean savings in power, space and costs, both up-front and ongoing,” he said.

The 300M series is completely interchangeable with the existing 300 series gearboxes, and no machine modification is required when upgrading to the new units.

Major applications for the 300M series include:

  • Mining – car dumpers and stacker reclaimers
  • Materials Handling – screw conveyors and apron feeders
  • Cranes and Winches – jib cranes and ship loaders
  • Food and Beverage – spiral freezers and flaking machines
  • Water and wastewater – mixer agitators and band screeners

“These are competitive industries where companies are always striving to improve efficiency, minimise downtime and reduce costs. The 300M series has been designed with these goals in mind, and the industry-leading torque benchmarks will greatly optimise their performance,” says Mr Lewis.




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