IC3D Steel 2.0 with improved management features

 IC3D Steel 2.0 with improved management features

IC3D, a leading provider of hardware and software solutions for the Manufacturing, Architectural and Engineering industries, has introduced the latest version of its steel structural design and management software, IC3D Steel™ for SolidWorks®.

IC3D Steel 2.0 introduces a raft of features centred on improving project flow and management, and simplifying organisational tasks like notating bolt lists and depicting virtual bolts in a design.

IC3D Steel was first conceived as a dedicated steel design tool for SolidWorks. It built upon SolidWorks’ parametric modeller and its core Weldments Design function, to build a ‘structural workflow’ application that is perfect for building and detailing with steel. The aim is to make the design process quicker, simpler and error-free.

Refined with additional functionality, the software that makes it easier for designers and design teams to manage their projects within a specified workflow, and gives them additional tools to simplify organisation within projects.

In IC3D Steel 2.0, projects are organised individually, all relevant files are associated automatically, and files are stored logically for easy retrieval, backup or archiving. Important project meta-data such a customer’s details, project number and document-numbering scheme can be configured at project setup. IC3D Steel uses this data whenever it creates or updates a document in the project; meaning drawings can be consistently labelled for additional security.

Other new features address the complexity inherent in steel fabrication projects.

For example, with steel designs generating up to ten times as many bolts, nuts and washers as steel members, the usual performance of SolidWorks can become compromised as assemblies become very large.

IC3D Steel 2.0 features ‘virtual bolts’ in each of its joint details to manage the problem, so work is unaffected no matter how many bolts are used in the design. A new ‘Bolt List’ report generates a complete list of these fasteners for ordering, and this can be broken down into individual joints or summarised for the whole project.

The new features don’t come at the cost of steepening the learning curve.

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