Smokin’ Joe – No substance , not a people’s treasurer

Smokin’ Joe – No substance , not a people’s treasurer

The Budget has finally been delivered after taking eight months to get here.

And over this time we have been inundated by opinion from media (what is going to happen?), Labor (we’ll keep an eye out for broken promises) and the Libs who talked and talked about the mess they inherited.

How come every new government inherits a mess? In the States when Bush took over from Clinton the Republicans inherited a mess (or did they?) and here in Australia Tony Abbot’s mob is playing on the same page.

It’s a ruthless Budget, it’s a tough Budget…it actually stinks. Because the most vulnerable in the community have taken a step down on the ladder. The extra seven dollars they need to go to the doctor has to be found, the family assistance package is being trimmed and if you want the kids to go to uni they are faced with ongoing debt in the future.

Government departments and organisations are being slashed and up to 16,000 more people added to the dole numbers.

As for business, pensioners, health and education…you may as well go live on the land and grow herbs to keep yourself healthy, wealthy and wise.

And through it all we have a Treasure who gives the impression of not quite believing what has come out of his mouth.


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