Concurrent corrosion seminar for engineers

Concurrent corrosion seminar for engineers

Metals are prone to deterioration by naturally occurring and man-made corrosive agents. Materials will corrode at varying rates over time, depending on the environment and the physical processes and mechanisms involved.

It is important for engineers, contractors, and facilities managers to understand the principles of corrosion to enable them to explain the cost implications of ignoring its effects to senior management and asset owners. Two of the advantages of planning for corrosion control and mitigation are that the life of an asset is extended and maintenance time and costs are reduced.

As part of its on-going event program, the Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA) is hosting an Introductory Corrosion Seminar on Thursday 30 July. To maximise participation by as many people working in the field as practical, the seminar will be run concurrently at the Hotel Mercure in Melbourne and at the Engineer’s Australia offices in Chatswood, Sydney.

The course has been designed for both experienced engineers and those new to the industry wanting to learn about, or refresh their knowledge of, metallic corrosion and the means to control it. The sessions will cover the basic principles of many types of metallic corrosion and the methods to control them. Other topics include the process of galvanisation and the protection it provides to a material; designing and planning to minimise corrosion, the latest advances in both protective coatings and cathodic protection technology.

For full event details and bookings please visit the ACA website

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