Q&A:Dr Paul Flachskampf, CEO, INFORM Australia

AI – It’s been around for a while now. What is all the fuss about? Dr Paul Flachskampf: AI is indeed not a new concept, INFORM has been leveraging these advanced tools to optimise business process for decades, but the excitement and “fuss” we see today stem from the significant advancements made in recent years. AI has evolved to become more sophisticated, capable, and accessible than ever before. It can potentially revolutionise various industries by offering powerful decision-making tools, data-driven insights, and automation that were previously unimaginable. As a result, businesses now have a new tool to optimise their operations, achieve higher levels of efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving landscape. What are the benefits for businesses using AI? Dr Paul Flachskampf: Businesses using AI can reap numerous benefits, particularly in manufacturing processes. AI tools offer serial manufacturers (in industries like food, pharma, cosmetics, etc.) precise demand planning, robust production schedules, and realistic plans. By planning against limited, real-world capacities such as materials, machines, and personnel, AI optimises the process order, leading to shorter lead times, higher on-time delivery rates (crucial for contract manufacturers), and improved customer relationships. Leveraging the power of Operations Research, Business Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence, INFORM empowers Australian and New Zealand businesses to streamline operations, resulting in increased efficiency, enhanced sustainability, and improved profitability. With data-driven decisions enabled by AI-driven solutions, businesses experience improved resilience, agility, and productivity. Do you understand the doubts that exist around the technology? Dr Paul Flachskampf: Absolutely, it’s entirely understandable that doubts and concerns surround the implementation of AI technology. AI is indeed a transformative force that can lead to job changes rather than outright job displacement as is so often depicted in the media. Many job roles will evolve, while others might undergo modifications. For instance, […]