DMG MORI machining a better tomorrow

DMG MORI machining a better tomorrow

With solutions suited to a wide range of manufacturing applications, DMG MORI designs and supplies precision machine tools for all market segments from high-level aerospace manufacturers through to entry-level jobbing shops.

DMG MORI, the world’s leading machine tool manufacturer, demonstrated its innovative technology with an impressive display of CNC machining centres and multi-axis lathes at Austech 2015 held recently at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre in May.

Aerospace was a significant focus of the display at Austech, but DMG MORI also operates in a range of other segments including aftermarket high performance engineering, automotive and medical. Machines cover 95% of all metal cutting applications and in all markets from small parts like the dental industry through to the larger heavy industry.

Confidence in the Australian manufacturing market was strong enough to justify bringing a DMC 80 U duoBLOCK® into the country as a stock item. One of these units was sold to Melbourne-based manufacturer, Lovitt Technologies Australia, for use in its advanced aerospace machining work.

Among other things, Lovitt is a specialist aerospace and defence manufacturer with the capabilities and operational procedures designed to suit the specification, quality and quantity requirements of the industry providing cost-effective supply of Australian manufactured components and assemblies.

DMG MORI sold a total of 10 machines during the event making Austech a very successful show for the steadily growing company. Product specialists were flown in from Germany, Japan, Singapore and China to speak with customers and demonstrate the capabilities of the equipment.

Sales engineers can often spend weeks discussing with customers how a machine will be used to ensure that they fully understand the requirements and that the correct device is supplied.

Machines on the stand included the NLX 2500SY|700 CNC Universal Lathe, NTX 1000 2nd Generation, NVX 5100 Vertical Machining Centre, DMU 65 monoBLOCK®, DMC 80 U duoBLOCK® and DMU 50 5 Axis Machining Centres. These last three machines feature the TNC640 Heidenhain Contouring controller. DMG MORI also presented the ECOLINE range with its ecoMill 70 Universal Milling Machine, ecoTurn 310 CNC Universal Lathe as well as MILLTAP 700 highly productive company machining centre, all with Operate 4.5 on SIEMENS 840D solutionline controller.

The NVX, NLX and NTX machines featured the company’s latest CELOS control panel. CELOS simplifies and accelerates the process from design to finished product by providing consistent management, documentation and visualisation of order, process and machine data. The new system optimises the interaction between man and machine with an interface that revolutionises the controlling possibilities. Key benefits include the new DMG MORI ERGOline® operator terminal, featuring a 21.5” multi-touch screen and icon-supported, gesture-driven user interface.

One machine on the DMG MORI stand was the NLX 2500 SY|700 CNC Universal Lathe—an ideal choice for manufacturers seeking a highly accurate, cost-effective turning solution. The NLX 2500 SY|700 features a reduced footprint, lower energy consumption and improved cutting ability—enhancements made in response to customers’ requirements.

Another featured machine was the MILLTAP 700 highly productive compact machining centre. “Machine tools are the foundation of industry,” McDermott said. “These types of machines are at the core of the development of most other products. Hundreds of MILLTAPs are used in production of the ubiquitous smartphones and tablet devices most people now own.”

The MILLTAP is the first cooperate development of DMG MORI and the company’s entry into the high productivity milling and drilling machine market. The compact design includes an extremely fast patented tool changer with a tool-changing time of 0.9 seconds, SIEMENS 840D solutionline control, stable cast-iron base construction for high-performance milling and optimal chip flow as well as chip disposal during machining.

The latest 3D control technology with 10.4 TFT-Display with Operate 4.5 on SIEMENS 840D solutionline and the highly rigid construction allow for the precise machining of complex geometries. MILLTAP 700, with a small footprint, can be optionally equipped with a measuring system in the X / Y / Z axes for the best repeatability and consistent precision.

DMG MORI also loaned a DMU 50 machine to be displayed on the Recruit Australia stand. McDermott said this showed that his company saw a strong future for manufacturing in Australia and that engineering is a good profession with companies looking to employ talented and adaptable new staff who are ready for the challenge of working some of the most sophisticated machining equipment in the world.

Recruit Australia specialises in finding industrial and engineering professionals for Australian manufacturing and industrial companies. The company has a small team of specialist consultants with wide-ranging experience that includes manufacturing, engineering trades, sales, marketing, office administration, teaching, psychology and recruitment.

All machines featured on the stand were under the DMG MORI brand. The latest designs all feature an extended window to increase accessibility and visibility without compromising safety. Another priority is to improve energy efficiency for customers, both through design and retrofitting of existing machines with energy saving devices.

DMG and Mori Seiki—two of the manufacturing world’s most respected and innovative machining companies—have been working in partnership for sales and service in Australia, New Zealand and many other countries for more than five years and are now formally united under the company name DMG MORI, with the motto ‘One Brand for the World.’

This year’s Austech also marked DMG MORI Australia’s transition to a local management structure.

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