Enerpac and Projem combine bolting and flange expertise on major Queensland CSG project

Enerpac and Projem combine bolting and flange expertise on major Queensland CSG project

One of Australia’s premier flange management companies, Projem, has used the latest Enerpac bolt tensioning technology to achieve outstanding flange sealing accuracy and tool reliability on a major project in the coal seam gas basin west of Brisbane.

Projem is a specialist company, with branches in Gladstone and Brisbane and a strong focus on safety and quality. They offer a comprehensive flange management package to ensure everything is inspected and approved through all steps when completing bolted connections. They use a range of Enerpac bolting tools, which ideally complement the safety and quality focus.

“In the past 18 months we’ve used Enerpac equipment to tension over 500 flange connections and it shows very little wear and tear,” says Mr Nathan Peachey, Mechanical Engineer, Projem. “All we need to do is calibrate the tensioning pump at appropriate intervals to keep the pressure as accurate as possible and Enerpac helps us with that too,” says Mr Peachey.

In their recent Queensland project, Enerpac GT bolt tensioners were combined with an ATP-1500 air pump, as Projem worked on two new compressor stations and the main feed connection point on a pipeline to a Gladstone processing plant.

They also assisted with pipe cutting and preparation of heavy wall pipes as well as on-site installation of pipework at Gladstone, which is a major gas processing hub for the State of Queensland, where coal seam gas has grown to become the dominant source of gas, supplying over 88 per cent of the Queensland market and over 98 per cent of remaining proved and probable gas reserves.

The Enerpac tensioners, in capacities up to 2,845kN (320 ton) at 1500 bar, are particularly suitable where operators want to achieve known and accurate bolt loads across multiple applications, such as pipelines and flanges.

Enerpac territory manager, SE Queensland and Northern NSW, Sandy Whyman says that a major advantage is that multiple bolts can be fastened at one time using exactly the same pressure from the same power source.

Daisy chain efficiency

This ability to “daisy chain” hydraulic tensioners gives even pressures across a bolted surface, which is a major advantage in the industries in which they are used, especially where high technology, high pressure equipment is involved, he says.

Mr Peachey is very impressed with the level of support, saying “Enerpac have provided excellent engineering support by Pat Molloy [Enerpac National Bolting Manager] when supplying pressures for specific flange connections. Results have been accurate, which reduces rework of joints, which is timely and expensive.”

Projem prides itself on providing experienced technicians to help their customers improve workflow and increase efficiencies – something Enerpac has been able to assist with through its globally recognised range of bolting tools and related equipment.

Enerpac GT Bolt Tensioners

The internationally proven multi-use bolt tensioners are part of Enerpac’s global range of safe and precise non-impact professional bolting technologies designed to improve joint integrity while reducing construction times, plant downtime and maintenance expenditure.

GT-Series bolt tensioners are expanded by hydraulic force to stretch the bolts to which they are attached so as to tension with exactly the degree of force needed for the application. Nuts are then locked in place to hold the tension.

This precise, safe and time-saving fastening technology is particularly useful in applications involving critical tolerances and multiple bolting tasks on heavy industrial, mining, quarrying, primary processing, power generation and resource exploration and development equipment and infrastructure.

The GT-Series is ideally complemented by the ATP-1500 air driven ultra high pressure hydraulic pump unit for products requiring up to 21,750 psi of hydraulic pressure. Its compact, lightweight, rugged steel frame is designed for maximum protection and easy handling.

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