New customised aviation reels for major airline

New customised aviation reels for major airline

Reel Tech, exclusive partner of Hannay in Australia and New Zealand, has just rolled out a new line of customised Aviation reels to one of the world’s major airlines.

The client required a customised aviation hose reel for an Oxygen and Nitrogen Recharging Cart. And a high pressure spring rewind hose reel was ideal for this application.

Fitted was the patented Safe-R-Reel spring rewind speed reducer to protect operators and aircraft, and increase the service life of the hose, thus avoiding expensive, premature hose replacement costs.

This resulted in a hose reel system guaranteed to endure the harshest conditions and deliver high pressure performance. The Safe-R-Reel is also the ideal solution for Remote Site Refuelling applications where an external power source is not available to rewind the reel.

Proven in the world’s largest airports, Hannay Aviation reels have become an industry standard. The standard range includes Refuelling, Remote Site Refuelling, Oxygen and Nitrogen Recharging, Sensing, Static Grounding, and Airport Hydrant Fuelling Operations, Reel Tech offers cable and industrial hose reels for any aviation, airfield or airport application.

Whether in the hangar or on the field, you can rely on their reels to improve productivity, increase safety, and keep your operation running smoothly. Standard finishes include stainless steel mill finish and high performance enamel in a wide range of colours.

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