Power TechED unlocked technology challenges

Power TechED unlocked technology challenges

Rockwell Automation’s inaugural educational event focused on power and energy. Power TechED was held in September at the Gold Coast Convention Centre, Queensland.

Advances in technologies such as the Internet of Things, are enabling machines to get smarter and meet endusers networking, integration, diagnostics and intelligence demands.

Power and energy applications are no exception. Motors and drives are gaining improved integration and connectivity. Energy monitoring and efficiency technologies are advancing their real time data capabilities and mobility. To remain competitive, organisations need to keep informed of the latest technology advances.

“Power TechED was an educational event that fills a gap in the market by covering the power centric industries and applications, said Matthew Treeby, commercial marketing manager at Rockwell Automation.

“Featuring hands-on labs, workshops and presentations, Power TechED appealed to people from a wide variety of industries such as food & beverage and manufacturing through to mining and heavy industries, all under the one roof,” he explained.

Attendees chose from four streams of learning: Intelligence, Industry, Power Quality & Energy and Safety & Motion. Experts from a wide range of industries were on hand to share experience on electrical standards, industry applications and new innovations.

“The agenda specifically addressed evolving trends and technology in this space. One example is the opportunity to leverage the intelligence that already exists in many “smart” motor control and energy devices today. This information can deliver real actionable insights provided it reaches the right people but it also creates a skills gap where traditional power engineers and electricians need to be aware of networking and automation,” said Treeby.

“Power TechEd offered hands on Ethernet networking and automation workshops to assist users update their skills in these areas. This allows organisations to leverage real time decision making for improved productivity.”

Power TechED is a collaborative event with Rockwell Automation Authorised Distributors, NHP Electrical Engineering and Rexel Industrial Automation, who provided their technical expertise over a series of sessions. The event featured a large arena area displaying a wide range of power and energy equipment for a variety of industries and experts will be available to discuss product applications and selection.

Power TechED also provided the unique opportunity to get hands-on with motor control and power equipment including MCCs, drives, energy monitoring and safety products.



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