Safety blogs discuss machine safety

Safety blogs discuss machine safety

When it comes to safety, NHP understands that it takes more than just quality products and technical ‘know how’ to ensure a safe and secure working environment.

Safety is a mindset, so while NHP prides itself on being an industry partner that offers expert people and quality products, we look to take it one step further by discussing the latest topics in the world of safety and share personal insights in an open forum – and that’s where the official NHP Safety Blog series ‘Think Safety, Talk Safety’ comes in.

“The ‘Think Safety, Talk Safety’ series of blogs is designed to discuss various machine safety topics such as safety design, safety legislation, safety standards, risk assessment and much more,” says Craig Imrie, NHP’s Safety Technology Specialist, FS Eng (TUV Rheinland).

“Rather than one way traffic, this instead gives those involved in the machine safety industry an opportunity to share their opinions and perspectives as well as receive expert commentary”.

Some of the latest topics include:

– What did Australian Standards get wrong with AS/NZS 4024.1:2014?

– New series provides guidance on Common Cause Failure (CCF)

– Safety Systems Must Be Designed For Productivity

– What’s the hold-up with the new Conveyor Safety Standards?

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