Saved by the Moflash bell!

Saved by the Moflash bell!

NHP are pleased to announce that the range of Moflash mechanical bells have been reintroduced in a consolidated standard size to suit the majority of applications.

This standard size of 6” (or 150mm diameter) is available in 24VDC, 115VAC or 230VAC, comes with an IP44 rating and is suitable for light commercial/industrial use where intermittent audible signalling is required in a localised area, particularly from under an eave or landing.

These traditional type bells produce their distinctive and highly effective ringing tone by means of a hardened striker powered by a solenoid, repeatedly striking the inside edge of metal gong.

Utilising either of the four mounting holes that are incorporated into the body of the casting or the universal mounting plate and gasket that are supplied as standard, the bells can be mounted on any flat surface with multiple fixing location options.
For increased peace of mind and reliability assurance, the 6″ mechanical bells have been put through a rigorous engineering assessment including a series of duty cycle tests and evaluation of general construction, which exceeded specifications.

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