Stiebel Eltron builds on nine decades of innovation

Stiebel Eltron builds on nine decades of innovation

Picture: The DHCE 50 and 60 instantaneous hot water units from Stiebel Eltron.

DHCE water heaters are ideal for a range of commercial and domestic situations and are designed to service single or multiple hot water outlets or low flow showers depending on the in coming cold water temperature and available flow rate for the associated tapware.

Three models are available in the single phase range. The DHCE 6/50 and the DHCE 8/50 deliver hot water to a maximum of 50¡C. These models both comply with AS 3498-2009 which covers the heating of water used in places of personal hygiene and allows the machine to be installed without the need for an external tempering device.

The DHCE 8/60 on the other hand delivers 60¡C hot water. In facilities suitable for disabled users the mandated outlet temperature is 43¡C, which must be controlled using thermostatic mixing valves. To be most effective, the inlet hot water supply to most valves must be at least 10¡C above the required outlet temperature, making the DHCE 8/60 model an ideal choice.

All models feature a low-flow switch that allows the unit to start heating the water with a flow rate as low as 1.5 litres per minute. With an increasing number of low flow tapware available, the DHCE models are ideal water heaters for these taps to ensure that hot water is delivered at low flow rates.

Instantaneous electric hot water heaters achieve the lowest levels of water wastage of any hot water system available, partly through their capacity to reduce delivery pipe lengths, and partly through the ability to heat water faster than competing systems.

The heaters can be used as a booster unit in commercial installations where there are long deadlegs between a storage heater and any outlets. The water will be warm at the point of use and require minimal additional energy to bring it up to the required temperature. The electronically controlled thermostat switches off the heater when the water reaches the set temperature.

The compact design of the range, combined with water connections on the rear and bottom of the unit, allows the water heaters to be installed as close to the point of use as practical. Possible installation locations include inside a cupboard, a Euro laundry, or mounted on a wall either under or over a sink.

Stand -alone instantaneous systems offer many advantages. Water is only heated at the time of use, energy is not wasted in maintaining a stored volume of hot water, operating costs are reduced and less water is wasted by the user while waiting for sufficiently hot water to arrive to the outlet.

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