Switch onto PowerTechED in Perth this May

Switch onto PowerTechED in Perth this May

PowerTechED is your passport to the ultimate ‘hands on’ experience featuring the latest motor control technologies all under the one roof.

Rockwell Automation will be bringing PowerTechED to the Perth Convention Centre on 24-25 May 2016. This event is dedicated to motor control and energy technologies with a strong emphasis on intelligence, information and safety.

“Motor control devices are growing rapidly in terms of connectivity. The information generated by these devices is really too valuable to ignore, whether it be for operational insight, maintenance or efficiency,” said Matthew Treeby, commercial marketing manager at Rockwell Automation.

“PowerTechED is the only event of its kind that addresses evolving trends and technology in this space. Attendees can choose from four streams running concurrently that focus on industry topics relating to motors and drives, connectivity and intelligence, safety and operational visibility,” he said.

This event will highlight the latest advances in the areas of network integration with drives and overloads, energy management software and network security. There will also be a strong focus on safety considerations for motor control.

Featuring hands-on labs, workshops and presentations, PowerTechED will appeal to people from a wide variety of industries such as food & beverage and manufacturing through to mining and heavy industries.

According to Rosanne Sabiston, business manager power control business at Rockwell Automation, “PowerTechED will provide the perfect opportunity to get ‘hands on’ with equipment and technologies for a wide range of industries; from small component based drive solutions to large motor control centres and multi-megawatt medium voltage drives.”

Motor control devices such as variable speed drives and overload relays are becoming more intelligent. By connecting them over Ethernet, operators can proactively monitor where their energy is being used, providing information to enable decisions regarding where energy savings can be achieved.

“PowerTechED will have a strong focus on this higher level intelligence and how companies can use information to improve business performance and drive profitability,” said Sabiston.

The event will feature a large arena area displaying a wide range of power and energy equipment for a variety of industries, and experts will be available to discuss product applications and selection.

PowerTechED is a collaborative event with Rockwell Automation Authorised Distributors, NHP Electrical Engineering and Rexel Industrial Automation. It is the perfect forum to update your skills, knowledge and networks.

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