Flexibility and power with multi-process welding machines

WIA (Welding Industries of Australia) has announced the expansion of its industry leading Weldmatic range of MIG and multi-process welding machines, which now includes three new inverter models; the 250i, 350i and 500i. With all three welding machines utilising inverter technology, they feature sophisticated electronic controls, high frequency switching and high frequency transformers, to achieve consistent and controlled weld output for the professional welder. The Weldmatic 250i is a 240V multi-process industrial welder, suitable for everyday use by vehicle smash and exhaust repairers, fencing contractors and general maintenance applications in workshops and factories as well as on construction and mine sites. Capable of handling MIG, Stick and Lift-TIG welding, the 250i is a versatile and portable machine capable of gas shielded welding of aluminium, mild and stainless steel, as well as gas shielded cored wires and gasless flux-cored wires. Designed for every-day use, the control panel allows easy selection of gas and wire type, with infinitely variable voltage and wire speed, indicated on the digital display. However, unlike other similar machines on the market, the Weldmatic 250i features a 4-roll wire drive which improves wire feed consistency, plus it can accommodate 15kg wire spools. Using a 15kg spool means the machine suits the light industrial user as 15kg spools work out far cheaper per kg than smaller 5kg spools; in short the 250i can improve the welder’s productivity while reducing operating costs at the same time. The Weldmatic 250i is also supplied with a tradesman quality MIG gun with 3.6m cable complete with euro connector for easy fitting and removal, plus a 3m work lead, an industrial twist lock electrode holder, gas regulator, a range of tips and suitable drive rollers. Weighing in at just 25.5kg, the 250i comes supplied with two handles, making it an easy two-person lift and […]